Owls and bats, moonlight and cats…

Reading, writing, & gardening in Rapunzel’s Cottage, a home on Witch Mountain.


Hello, and welcome!
My name is Antoinette, and it’s lovely to see you here.

Once upon a time…

Not so long ago actually, there was a witch, (that’d be me) who came to live on Witch Mountain, in funny little cottage. A cottage named Rapunzel’s.  These are my tales from Witch Mountain…

There are bed-knobs and broomsticks, toes of frogge, and all manner of cobwebs and beasties. And yes, I do have a black cat called Merlin. He’s not only an evil genius, but he’s also stupendously handsome. Being an evil genius, he’s all too aware of his charms.


There’s also a funny little calico cat who has deigned to dwell with us, and who sometimes answers to the name of Mrs Miggins); and a sweet-souled rescue dog, named Ellie.

I write about…

My life, my home, my garden, permaculture, and earth spirits; seasonal living in the mountains, mystical bits and bobs, books, tea, roses, and passing fancies.


Curiosities, & Oddities…

I’m an introvert extraordinaire who loves people. In fact, I’m a gentle, intense, yet peace-loving idealist, with a mystic bent. If Madame du Pompadour and a forest hag had a love-child of the Imaginary, I would be it.

I have multiple passions and curiosities. Aside from a PhD in Literature, I’ve studied philosophy and history, herbal medicine, botany, permaculture, biochemistry, environmental science, anatomy, clinical nutrition, flower essence therapy, counselling, and psychology.

I’m so happy that you’re here, so please join me, (and my trusty battered broom), as I sweep out the cobwebs and fly about this mountainside, above the forest, and amongst the stars.

Wishing you delicious tea, and magical days. xx

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, I found you on Jo’s blog and love what I see. I also like letters, so maybe one day we can exchange correspondence.


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