Friday Bits and Bobs.

Good morning!

Haven’t done one of these for a long while, but the whim to do so came on with yet another thunderstorm, (hello, La Niña). My word. The Big Wet is upon us. I’ve been thinking of the poor souls in LA at the moment with those terrible fires, and I so wish they could have some of our excess of rain.

I used to do these posts fairly regularly. But I tend to want to shake up a routine almost as soon as one has asserted itself. And blogging for me has never been about strategy – I tend to be guided mostly by my whims.

Actually, I’ve noticed that weekly sharings of links has become a bit of a Thing in recent years. I really appreciate and enjoy exploring links provided by like-minded souls. It can be a great way of sharing the wonders and creativity that abound on the interwebs, whilst cutting through and bypassing so much noisy junk-thought.

So here we go…

Speaking of things that are a Thing now, one can make tarot card essences. As in flower essences. I’ve been secretly making tarot essences for a while now, but I thought it was a bit too odd to talk about, or explain. Now I discover there are many similarly odd people having the same idea at the same time. As is often the case. So yes, tarot essences are de jour, apparently. Here’s a quick ‘how to’.

‘Yule – Invoking Baba Yaga’, by Joanna Gilar, on Sharon Blackie’s Hedge School blog. Because this is the heart and guts of it, for me:

‘Our house is not in order. This is my offering towards joy in the disordered dark.’

credit: Baba Yaga’s House, by Eddie Mendoza

How I do so love this quietly radical fairytale – ‘Sunshine and Stormheart’, by Sarah Elwell.

In the world of fairytale art, along with Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Kay Neilsen, and Ida Rentoul-Outhwaite, I’ve long adored the art of Jackie Morris. Her images express such an earthy warmth and passion; and a demonstrative tenderness between her human and non-human subjects.

credit: Jackie Morris, book cover for Dreaming My Animal Self, by Helene Cardona.

The Mythic Medicine podcast, by Amber Magnolia Hill.

One of my favourite creams to make is Rosemary Gladstar’s ‘perfect cream’. So easy to tweak and make your own, (and vegan if you prefer).

Meraki Earth Studio, and Avalon Pottery on Etsy. Also lunar calendars by The Far Woods, Chelsea Granger, and The Land of Erin.

Joan Didion: The Centre Will Not Hold.

On my holiday to-read list: Tintinnabula, a children’s book by Margo Lanagan, and Tanglewood and Brine, by Deirdre Sullivan, (a YA novel); also The Witches of New York, by Ami Mackay, (who wrote The Birth House).

Well, dear hearts. I must away and tend my hours. There shall be henna, and stories, chores, and other business of the day.

I wish you a cheery and peaceful weekend. And maybe even a chat, and a cuppa with Baba Yaga…if you dare ; ) xxx


8 thoughts on “Friday Bits and Bobs.

  1. Thank you for mentioning my little story. I love love love the picture of Baba Yaga. She is such a favourite of mine. A book you might enjoy is in The Forests of Serre by Patricia McKillip, as the character Brume is modelled on Baba Yaga.

    I envy your storms – La Nina has brought us a dreadful heatwave. Yesterday I sat on a hill that was crunchy gold, all the grass having been bleached right through by the sun – something that normally doesn’t happen until March.

    Now I’m going to look up those books you mentioned – Margo Lanagan!! – and I wish you a happy weekend.


    1. Thankyou so much for the book recommendation Sarah! It looks wonderful and I’ve popped it on my to-read list : )
      I’ve heard about the weather in your part of the world – no rain for an age. Not good in that lush, green land. I wish for you softness and rain. xxx


  2. You share the best links! I always loved your Friday shares. When I saw that Baba Yaga I was sucked in. I had recently written something about Baba Yaga and Saturn in a piece I never posted, It is true that what we don’t share goes back into the well for someone else. That’s so magical.


    1. I love the sound of your written piece Nicole! Baby Yaga and Saturn! Kind of perfect, hey? And yes – the collective well of ideas. I think Baba Yaga is whirling her way around the surface of that well at the moment, and a lot of people are plucking her out. Timely, perhaps. xxx


  3. hurrah for links!

    Baba Yaga is my spirit-mother, already, so invoking her at the dark (for us NoHem folks) time of the year simply feels right. all those Scots ancestors propitiating the Cailleach, and the Scandinavian and germanic cultures celebrating mother Holle or Berchta too. we used to *know* what was going on at various seasons, and we used to participate in it. but now… “our house is not in order. this is my offering towards joy in the disordered dark.” YES.

    I too loved “sunshine and stormheart” very much. good medicine there.

    hadn’t heard about the Joan Didion documentary yet—thanks for that.

    I so want to read “Tintinnabula”, but amazon saith that it is “currently unavailable”… “tangle wood and brine” has gone on the wishlist. I have held off on “the witches of New York” thus far due to reading a review that mentioned it contains serial killing of women in the plot line; wasn’t certain how I would feel about it. but everything else sounds so appealing…perhaps I should just give it a go.

    I’ve never made or used a tarot based essence before! intriguing. I use and love flower remedies and have made some of those adding stones to the flowers. and I have been pondering making “witchy” essences utilising a person’s hair, for example, to direct the effects in a very targeted way; but am still waffling over the ethics of it for anyone but myself…

    love the Jackie Morris artwork. her critters have such dear expressions, without veering into twee-ness.

    hope the henna was relaxing, and all in all a good weekend for you. we have snow, so for a couple of days I shall be happy. it can’t last; never does, and the temps are forecast to pop back up shortly, but just now the world is lovely, lovely.


    1. I have always felt a much deeper connection (probably ancestral tales etc) with the Cailleach, (I’ve written stories about her too). For me the “goddesses” (for want of a better word) that have called to me most over the years are Brighde/Brigid and the Cailleach. Different aspects of the Source.

      But of course, Baba Yaga, the Cailleach, and other Hag Mothers are different expressions of a similar Northern entity/rhythm. It all swims together with a stunning grace. As you say, we all used to *know*.

      Enjoy your snow days! I hope you get some deliciously cozy, Yule-like days to enjoy, dearest. xxx


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