Here, but also Elsewhere…


Well, hello there!


oh. You’ve all gone home. Well that I can understand. After all, it’s been 6 months of radio silence.

I feel as though there is so much to tell (ohsomuch), but then it could take me days to unravel it all into comprehensible sentences.

So t’other day, I sent out a wee newsletter, which explains a few things and also where I’m at.

Including where I’m at in the blogosphere (with a trail of breadcrumbs through the forest). As well as where I’m at in the chop wood, carry water life-world.

Because I’m writing elsewhere now. Although I reckon that Broom will always be here, as I have a soft spot for the creaky, lop-sided old place.

in fact, I’ve been blogging on the Dark Side for a smidgen over a decade now. My word.

And so much has changed since then. Back in 2007, when Broom was in its blogger incarnation, I was a full-time academic on the edge of sanity, with a tiny daughter just starting school.

Now I’m no longer an academic (thank the gods). I’m still on the edge of sanity (but quite happy to be there); because I think it’s generally a healthy response to a world gone mad.

It’s also because I am a Lady with Cats.

And I now have a teenage daughter who is going to go trekking off to Bolivia next year, and who regularly gigs about town as a muso.

And despite all the challenges, things are pretty good overall. The best stuff about my life being the people. That’s been the biggest transformation over the past decade – the who, not just the what and the how.

And my home too – dear old Rapunzel’s. She’s in desperate need of a new kitchen, but there are few fairytales that I know of that contain swish kitchens.

I love me a kitchen like Nell’s in Legend – do you remember?

Anyway luvs, if you’d like to catch up – and I would so love that, (if anyone’s about), then maybe sign up for my not-particularly-newsy-newsletter, grab a cuppa, and we can take it from there.

Warmest wishes to you, and remember to dance like no one is watching. Because someone always is watching, but who cares?



9 thoughts on “Here, but also Elsewhere…

  1. Nell’s kitchen!! Oh yes!! I’m embarrassed to say I deeply loved that movie, it resonated with my own dreaming and I was aghast when it was roundly mocked and derided by reviewers – to me, that said the world had no respect for the kind of vision that my own heart loved. It was a hard awakening to just how cynical and cold-minded most of the world was. (Granted, Lily’s voice was a bit annoying.) So yes Nell’s kitchen, infact Nell’s entire house and the woods surrounding it, please. But then, having seen glimpses of Rapunzel Cottage’s interior from your instagram etc, I’d happily settle for that!


    1. Sarah, I’m unashamedly gush-y about all of the things that the rest of the world is too cool for! I thought Legend was entirely magical. I just wanted to slip inside that world and live there. I don’t think anything has quite topped Nell’s decor for me : )
      It was actually pretty formative for me. I remember looking at Nell’s home all those years ago and thinking “Ah…I’ll take that way of living and making home please” : )

      So lovely to see you. xx


  2. yes please to Nell’s kitchen! i found a copy of that glorious-most-beloved film in the bargain bin at Wally World several years ago and quickly snapped it up. I admit to not having watched it yet because i’m a tiny bit afraid it won’t be as wonderful as my younger self remembers….because when something impacts you that much you worry you got it wrong….or at least, i do. 🙂

    oh frabjous day indeed. xoxo

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    1. Actually Mel, I haven’t watched Legend for years – for that very reason. Also because technology has jumped so far, so fast that I don’t want to be (unfairly) focusing on the production qualities and find my fond memories disappointed.
      It had a big impact on me too. xxx


    1. Bless you Laura for bearing with me. Thankyou for being here. Oh, and in the menu area you’ll find a newsletter link, which will show you that particular forest-y path to follow ; ) xx


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