Friday Bits and Bobs.


Thought I’d share a few links with you today that have been gathering around me. Things that have found me, rather than me finding them.

It’s often the things that seek me out, rather than me them where I find the deepest, truest magic, luvs. And it’s also often the medicine that arrives when and how it’s most needed…

This exquisite piece by gorgeous soul, Hilary Rain had me tearing up for all sorts of reasons – the beauty of it, the recognition, and the compassion.

The work of Ottawa-based Stephen Jenkinson and his Orphan Wisdom School is basically where it’s at for me. Although that’s possibly an understatement. Jenkinson’s work resonates strongly with me. There’s a talk (1 hour long) with him titled, “ancestry and misanthropy” here on For the Wild. But for an introduction to Jenkinson – who he is, and what he does – check out The Meaning of Death. None of it’s morbid in the least. I found it a beautiful home-coming, and without an ounce of New Age syrup. I promise.

These flower essences. Oh my. One Willow Apothecaries understand this healing wisdom well and deeply.

It’s Winter here today, (yes – despite the fact that December in Australia is usually Summer, but I say embrace the crazy!). Here’s a scrumptious recipe for Persian lentils and rice from The Local Rose. And another for Bealtaine Cottage Brownies. Both recipes are vegan, btw. The latter recipe is also accompanied by lovely pictures of a permaculture cottage garden. So, bonus.

These lovely and free printable labels for the Season. Once again my Northern Hemisphere aesthetic overrides images of Santa on the beach in sunglasses and…speedos.*

Wishing you all good cheer and lovely things for your weekend. Cheerio for now! xx

*Gah. Help us. It was never meant to be this way.

2 thoughts on “Friday Bits and Bobs.

  1. *squee* those labels are gorgeous! hope i can convince my printer to cooperate.

    love persian cuisine. love rice. love lentils. thanks for posting that recipe link. it all looks and sounds so delicious, and i’m always looking for tweaks to our rice dishes.

    i’ve had the hawthorn essence from one willow apothecary on my wish list for months…hawthorn has been calling me lately.

    stephen jenkinson’s words felt so right. i think it’s true, what you said above about the things that find you, rather than things you seek out, being most relevent to you. it’s certainly true for me—all my life. the magic and the medicine one needs tend to arrive like that…

    you have my deep and abiding sympathy over the surfing santa in speedos thing. honestly, any non-human santa figure would be better…perhaps the wombat of winter-tide? krampus kangaroo? the koala king? sort of partial to the winter wombat, myself. which reminds me, i must track down that “hogfather” series, since my daughter hasn’t had the joy of seeing it. yet…


    1. Hawthorn essence sound like just the ticket for many of us right now, methinks.

      There have been a few medicines that have found me lately. I think my stopping and allowing them to come me has been quite a revelation.

      And yes – please send help re wombats et al. Although I can handle a wombat in speedos more than I can handle Old St Nick. Because cognitive dissonance just does my head in…

      The “Hogfather”! I had forgotten about that one! We LOVED watching that a few years back. Ah, you are brilliant. Thankyou! xx


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