Great Mother Moon.

Lilian Austin, who bows her head to the rain. Her scent is sweet and a lot like raspberries.

For now, a peaceful respite.

We woke to the news that New Zealand has experienced an earthquake of some magnitude. Fortunately, friends and family are safe. But it was a significant event as far as shakes go. It was just yesterday that I was chatting with the Bloke about Super Moons and a possible link to earthquakes. My thoughts and good wishes are with those in Aotearoa.

Such a week.

I’ve desperately needed quiet these past few days. I’ve had to stop and withdraw a while, in order to hear my own feelings more clearly.

Feelings that were placed on hold in the middle of it all. Despite my best efforts not to absorb, I still found my body feeling heavy and toxic from the maelstrom of the collective. It’s now taking longer for me to process my own responses, and I still don’t have all my words; only the echoes and reverberations of others, and their feelings fill my heart and bones.

We’re all connected, I repeat to myself. It’s crucial to remember that now. Not recoil from that fact.

But these past days, I focused on mundane, small things. I hung out with my peoples under the trees, I baked lemon and yoghurt drizzle cakes, watched Jamaica Inn, and read Juliet Marillier’s tales set in mythical Ireland. And I hugged my Moon-girl hard.

Today, I do feel a deep sense of peace. This is despite having been awake since 3am, (because a tendency towards Full Moon insomnia is my wont). Last night was more pronounced than usual.

And today I feel the fullness that I’ve been holding. I focus upon releasing, and it will be a great relief to do so. Giving it back to the earth, back to Her. She holds it all.

It’s such a gentle, Full Moon (Super Moon) in Taurus. Can you feel it? The trust and opening.

Taurus is the sacred Feminine, and the power of this Earth Moon is softening my hard edges. I feel held. I hope you do also, dear ones. For these have been harsh days, indeed. But this Moon is a respite. She brings us home to ourselves, and the softness that already resides there if we allow ourselves to feel that.

Here at Rapunzel’s we’re wrapped in rain and wind, and lushness. Flowers in full bloom bow their heads in homage to the cleansing rains. I’ve lit candles – black ones this time, because I wish to let go of both personal and collective heaviness; and I’m listening to Francesca Mountfort’s exquisite music.** Her ‘Cosmic Raven’ delivers me into another world. One where I’m more at home.

Full Moon reading.

The gentle sensuality of this Moon finds me drawn to the Druid Plant Oracle for this month’s lunar reading. I seek the wisdom of the old healing herbs and ways. I seek the earth, reconnection, regeneration.

And, what can I say? This reading…

Juniper – cleansing, pioneering, magic: a cleansing herb,”before you can welcome something new, you need to say goodbye to something that needs release”. It’s also about intention, as well as paying thoughtful attention to the significance of new beginnings.

Release, release, release.

Lady’s Mantle – the Feminine, details, miracles: (re)connecting more deeply with the Goddess or Feminine Principle. Opening to the soft wildness, treasuring the small things. Lady’s Mantle also happens to be a herb of Taurus.

Today I’m going to smudge my home with lavender and sage, and at moon-rise I shall burn my Moon incense from Starchild, (gifted to me by a dear friend, and saved until now. Because this moon calls for such rare delicacies).

My home is filled with candlelight, roses, and music, and a contented dog sighs beside me, and I hug these simple, beautiful things to me with genuine gratitude. Tonight, although I may not spy my Lady Moon amidst all the cloud and rain, I shall make offerings to the earth of flowers, wine and food. Gifts for the wild fae creatures of the night.

I wish you and yours a peaceful Full Moon. And if you seek the moon in the soft, dark night, I hope when you look upon Her, that you may be held in Her light, and find gentle release.




*It took me years to not cringe from that term. Now I just accept it as a bald fact.

**New Zealand born, Melbourne based cellist. Her new album is truly sublime.


4 thoughts on “Great Mother Moon.

  1. i am very happy that your folk in new zealand are safe. i had been thinking about those i know of who live there or have family there all day yesterday.

    juniper and lady’s mantle, two lovely plant friends. i was using juniper oil yesterday evening during yoga class in my diffuser. i usually use lavender, and i was initially going to use frankincense for its deeply calming, grounding yet spiritual qualities. but my hand hovered over juniper when i was selecting my oil, and i ended up choosing that. with just a couple of drops of precious rose absolute for the heart, the juniper was so right. we needed what it had to offer: clearing, releasing—-yes, anchoring—a pure, clean, neutral energy that also feels supportive. glad i listened to whatever it is that knows more than i do…and lady’s mantle grew around the statue of mary at my childhood church. it’s not a common garden plant where i live, but somebody put it there along with the roses. somebody knew.

    the moon was very beautiful last night, though the brightness woke me. i didn’t mind too much because i wanted to have a quiet moment with it.

    there is s deal of ugliness going on in the world at any given moment. and just now, there is a deal of ugly behavior on display all around my wretched country. comfort—cards and cakes and tea, wine and long salty baths, escape into long-ago-and-far-away tales—are high priority just now. i am tailoring my yoga classes toward bringing people comfort and ease and also toward togetherness. it’s the only tangible thing i’ve been able to do, apart from giving my phone number to a lady who lives a few streets down who was harassed whilst walking her dog one evening by young trump supporters.

    such a moon, such a rose—the world is full of loveliness. and generosity. with all that beauty around us, how can we be so very less than worthy? it seems so ungrateful.

    thank you for checking in. and thanks for the cellist’s beautiful music. i’d actually been avoiding music other than the gayatri mantra, because…sobbing…but this feels good to me. good strong music magic.
    grazie, bella strega.


    1. I just love the sound of your tailored yoga classes – sooo much. I wish I could come over your way and participate. Sorely needed at the moment!
      Juniper is one of my long-time faves. In fact, my absolute favourite scent on my Bloke is the juniper scented ‘Cade’ line for men that L’Occitane make. I think it’s Juniper, sandalwood and rosemary combined. Makes him smell out-doorsy, (which he’s decidedly not, but that’s ok because me with a camping type would never do).

      I’m wittering. Such a busy time, (hence the need for some yoga). I’m wholeheartedly with you as far as music at the moment, goes. It’s such a powerful opener, and there are times when I need to sink into grounding sounds. The gayatri is sweet relief.
      Wishing you sweet and peaceful magic, m’lovely. xx


    1. Thankyou so much Sarah. Apologies for my late response. The days have been gobbled up lately. That music is just wonderful, hey? And as an album, it continues to bloom more beautifully each time I listen. Blessings to you. xx


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