Friday Bits and Bobs.


Well, m’luvs. Not sure about you, but today I’m relieved that it’s Friday eve, and the weekend has begun, (for myself, anyway). Because after this past week, I’m ready to burrow into my blanket fort.

I’m not going to talk about the sky falling, broken systems, (and not just the US – we’re messed up here too), and all that palaver. It’s been truly merde for many, hey? I spent a good deal of yesterday feeling quite devastated and sad for us all. My thoughts have been with many of you.

But I refuse to stay down for long, and I’m incubating some little ideas that blossomed in the wake of this week’s events. I’ve been feeling a surge of resolve, now more than ever. And also hope. A lot of hope. Can’t help myself.

But first…I feel the pull towards some gentle healing and centering. I need a cosy retreat to soothe frayed nerves, and a sore heart. So, “cosy retreat” is what this edition of the Bits and Bobs is all about.

Because Winter is returning to this mountainside over the next few days. And I need no further excuse to indulge in a retreat at home – my sweet sanctuary. : )

So, onwards, friends.

I heard Leonard Cohen died today. Such a poet and an artist of the heart. A wry, dark humour. A beautiful life, well lived. I’m listening to his latest album, and really enjoyed this post from the ever-superlative Brainpickings.

This article on hygge, and how to cozy up your home.

In the kitchen, grain-free brownies, immune boosting Thai coconut soup; and since a friend generously gifted me with a basket-full of lemons from her tree, there’ll be good old-fashioned lemon cake, too.

(Oh, and wine too. There shall be wine, this weekend).

I’ll also be cuddling up on the couch with my family, (including the critters). It’s a big couch, but it gets quite squeezy with all of the bodies there. We’ll be watching “comfort” films. Top of the list is Casablanca, but also Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Little Women, and Practical Magic(I mean, that house, that kitchen, and midnight margaritas).

Herbs for heartbreak.

A gentle, nurturing recipe for a sleepy-time bath, (not just for children), and a nighttime ritual.

Books I turn to during difficult times.

Handmade art. Pretty witchy things that have caught my eye.

And this, because I love her.

And always this. When everything hurts, a song of love for the earth and for all sentient beings.

Wishing you all a weekend full of cosiness and peace. And much love to you, sweet dears. xx


8 thoughts on “Friday Bits and Bobs.

  1. thank you for the comforting suggestions. so needed now.

    one friend is obsessively cleaning her house and rearranging it. she gets up after the children are sleeping, and carries on until 3 or 4 am. i think she is looking for that sense of hygge to get her and her family into a place of comfort…

    i’ve been turning to herbs for sleep and the gentling influence they bring to a grieving heart. and oddly, i had been seized with a desire to get in some hawthorn berries a couple weeks ago. must follow through on that—usually i am told what i need in just that quiet way.

    love the witchy arty shop! and the recipes look good. didn’t know that mushrooms were so high in vitamin D! maybe that’s why i crave them in autumn.

    certain books are priceless, aren’t they. and i like the toni morrison quote very much indeed. i have been thinking that we need new stories desperately—or perhaps very old stories…the stories our culture has been telling itself for the last long while have been the wrong stories, foolish tales of limitless growth, cruel tales of power misused, lonely tales of people apart from nature.

    i had been playing the gayatri mantra in my car all week. 🙂

    love to you and to all who need a little extra just now.


    1. I relate to your friend, dearest. I found myself, (quite without meaning to), obsessively cleaning my bedroom. Rearranging, changing bedding, adding pillows and twinkly lights, burning candles and incense. My impulse to retreat into sanctuary. It felt soothing to do that last week.

      And sooo interesting what you say about hawthorn berries, because I’ve been drawn to them lately. And when I flip through my herb books, I seem to alight on the pages that relate to hawthorn, (also elderberry, which is figuring as a bit of a guiding spirit herb for me at the moment). But it was a search for hawthorn that led me to that Mountain Rose Herbs link.

      And I couldn’t agree more about our desperate need for new stories. Or perhaps the old – yes. In fact, at the moment, I’m turning more and more to fairytales – including the very dark, old, old ones. They are proving to plug into a heart-seam that holds buried riches that my spirit needs right now.

      Much love to you, always. xx


  2. Thank you for sharing these lovelies….after a few days of moving through the grief,
    I am ready to move forward….it is what it is and we have just realized the work we’ve
    been given to do. While I realize that we’re all connected these days and this has
    affected us all, I do appreciate the world wide love being sent our way.


    1. Thanks for your words Kathy. And I do feel that recent events have highlighted the kindness and hope there is in the world – that so many people are reaching out towards one another. Sending you peace and love. xx


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