Not Exactly a Friday Bits and Bobs.

Its a teapots and moons kind of a day, today. The moon was a birthday gift from a dear friend, and I loves it, I does.

Edit and disclaimer: I don’t get paid, or in any way profit from any products or businesses I mention here, or anywhere else on my blog. I just like to talk about things that I love, or that catch my magpie eye.

After a glorious day yesterday, where everything was sun-washed and looked as though it had been administered growth hormones, the weather gods have decided to pack it in again. It’s cold, blustery, and teeming down now.

When I awoke this morning, I was quite discombobulated by the darkness. I thought it was still the middle of the night, and nearly rolled back into my strange dreams.*

But then I realised it was merely my favourite kind of morning – the dark and stormy kind. With the thrill and prickle of a hovering storm system, and a sultry yet comfy 20˚celsius outside.

I’m afraid I have few links to share today, so I’m just doing a chatty post, rather than a Friday Bits and Bobs. I may scatter some linkies in amongst all my wittering.

But I do want to (briefly) chat about the new Agnes Obel album, Citizen of Glass, which is released today.

So far, after a few listens, I think it tells a beautiful story. Like Obel’s earlier albums, Citizen of Glass is cinematic and otherworldly. But I think this is a stronger album conceptually, and there’s a greater sense of vulnerability, fragility, and exposure in this one. Which is fitting in regards to the album’s title.

It’ll be a grower for me, (as are her other albums). The first 5 tracks, (as well as the final track), on the album speak to me the most. This includes the earlier released track ‘Familiar’. But personal stand-outs are ‘Stretch Your Eyes’ (the first track), with its wicked, cascading strings and hints of banshee strangeness and suspense; (and yes, I shall be dancing in the moonlight to this one). I also like ‘It’s Happening Again’ – by turns haunting and elegiac. ‘Stone’ is really quite lovely, whilst ‘Mary’, the final track, is already fast becoming a true favourite.

I declare my unashamed bias is toward the darker, “witchier” tracks, and there’s no shortage here. There’s a couple of tracks that I’m not keen on, but there’s still enough beauty and mystery wrapped up in this offering to please me greatly.

And I can see how this is a perfect Autumn release for the Northern Hem. It’s all very candles in the windows at dusk, mist circling, and wraiths singing in the trees.

cosy chai time at Rapunzel’s. Wish I could invite you over for a cup.

Tea break…

…and one of my greatest accomplishments of the day was breaking google with my long and confusing search request.

Speaking of confusing, I do like this…**

Now, the rain has arrived, the candles are lit, and it’s time for some sweetness and light on Friday afternoon…

I want to tell you about Hiptipico. They’re an ethical fashion brand, based in Guatemala, “showcasing Mayan artisans and their handmade creations. Every Hiptipico item is thoughtfully handcrafted by indigenous communities, using high-quality sustainable materials, fair-trade clothing and accessories business”. You can read more about them here.

Each of the items is accompanied by an artisan profile, so that we get to see the face behind each creation. Such a contrast to the nameless, faceless, and often exploitative nature of mass-production.

There are a number of “hippy” style shops here in Australia that are not in the least bit ethical despite their “peace, love, and tribe” speak, (I’m thinking of one particularly ubiquitous bohemian fashion empire).

They offer lots of super-cheap wares, but they are cheap for a reason. And I point no fingers at consumers, as I’ve shopped there plenty myself. But I’m really trying to be a lot more mindful these about the conditions in which goods are produced. I prefer to buy less, and support artisans more. I also frequent charity shops with a vengeance. I’ve been thrilled with my finds lately…

My most recent op-shop finds. Both 100% silk – including a wrap skirt made of sari silks. Although I can’t take credit for the cream silk blouse. That was a friend who is an excellent “spotter”.

Anyway, Hiptipico have a backpack covered in roses! And other pretties!

Although I understand why it’s the case, being here in Australia means that we’re out on a limb as far as postage is concerned, (I find postage costs are generally prohibitive with any business based in the US or Americas). But for US customers, postage is free with Hiptipico, and it’s pretty affordable to other parts of the world too.

The Moon-girl and I are shamelessly excited about the brand new Gilmore Girls eps that are coming up next month on netflix. We do love that show, and it’s been one of our Things over recent years – snuggling up and watching it together.

I’ve just lately introduced the Gilmore Girls to a friend who has never watched the show. This may actually be very wicked of me, because she may well become hopelessly addicted, and there are soooo many episodes. I kind of envy the journey that lies before her. Anyway, said friend actually reminds me (an eff-ton) of Lorelai. Easily as funny, caffeinated, and good-hearted. Also raven-haired and blue-eyed. I actually think she’ll love it. My work here is done.

And I just read a beautiful newsletter from One Willow Apothecaries, called ‘Walking with Ghosts’. I always really enjoy their newsletters, and this one is no exception.

Suddenly, I have about 100 things to do! Including making my bedroom cosy, because the spirit has moved me. I shall be plumping cushions and tossing throws upon the bed. There may be fairy lights, (when are there not?), and lily of the valley, which is blooming in my garden now.

There’s a stack of dishes I’ve been ignoring all day, (*grumble* – my least favourite chore, simply because there is never a day without dishes). But because the water tank is now overflowing, I’ll run myself a big bath later, laced with coconut milk and rose geranium essential oil, as a reward.

That’s quite enough of my wafflings. Toodle-oo for now! Stay cosy, wherever you are. I suspect that on whatever side of the world you are on, there may be a need for cosiness, right now. xxx

*Aliens that shape-shift into bats, or gorgons, or anything at all really. Yet the telltale sign of their alien-ness was that they had skin/scales/feathers of indigo blue. Just another night for me, then.

**No offence intended to German people! And anyway, english is by far, the most ridiculous and ungainly language in the entire world.

11 thoughts on “Not Exactly a Friday Bits and Bobs.

  1. I love that backpack! So pretty!! Gilmore Girls – well…yes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show! I’ve always wished I had the wit that Lorelai has. I’m really looking forward to the new bit on Netflix.
    Enjoy your day!


    1. Hello Laura : ) Yes – I think it’s a testament to the writing and the characters of that show that it’s been so beloved for so long. The Moon-girl and I shall be making an event of the new episodes. Blessings to you too! xxx


  2. mmmm, chai…i also wish we could all have tea together. what a lovely idea.

    you know…i’ve never seen “gilmore girls”. not a single episode. i love that there is a character in it named lorelei!

    nice vintage shop scores! most of my very favorite clothing comes from vintage and op-shop sources. things were much better made back in the day, unsurprisingly.

    those necklaces are so perfect. a moon, and a teapot. my daughter and i have a saying, “tea is life!”—truly, without tea life would be a howling wilderness. if it also lacked wine, i think i’d pack it in…

    a local ‘historic plantation’ is having an annual halloween event tonight called ‘walking with witches”…i and several friends are going to it in our best witchy ensembles. not sure that’s what the organizers had in mind, but if the broom fits…

    i like stormy mornings too, but only if i don’t have to get up or be anywhere. they are so conducive to getting back to sleep, which i very often need to do. your dreams of shape-shifting indigo aliens—that’s pure awesomeness, that is. and i thought *my* head held some strange fruits! thank goodness i’m not alone?! the last dream i remember was a day ago, just before i woke; i was saying very earnestly to someone that the proper way to know that the lady (someone in the dream) was really a bear was to look for her red hair-ribbon. infallible way to tell a bear disguised as a woman, apparently. mm-hmm.

    enjoy your weekend! and may someone take over the dishes-washing up for at least one evening…


    1. “Tea is life” – oh how I must adopt that phrase! It’s so very apt. And you’re definitely someone on my “who I would love to share a cuppa with”, list, (heheh…there’s a list). Come on over! kettle is on ; ) But truly, if you are ever in my part of the world…

      We have yet another dark morning. Freeeeezing rain, and straight back into Winter. It’s starting to feel much more like Halloween than Beltane, here!

      How I adore the sound of that “walking with witches” event! Ohmyyesss! And I’m so happy to hear that you’re going to be decked out in your witchy finery! Superb. In fact, that reminds me of the #witcheshightea2016 on the Instagrin…how I would love to attend that one!

      And I heartily agree, a woman in a red ribbon, is moste definitely a bear ; ) xxx

      ps – it was my turn to do the dishes, anyway. I was just being a whinger.


  3. Wonderful warm post. I’ve watched maybe one episode of The Gilmore Girls and didn’t fancy it, although everyone else I know adores it. I loved the German language thing, hilarious 🙂 Alas, Hiptipico seems to be down, I loved the sound of the backpack. And I loved too your op-shop finds. So much love! 🙂 🙂


    1. It’s funny that you say you didn’t fancy the Gilmore Girls. I tried watching it when it first screened, and I think I got through one episode and it thoroughly annoyed me. But then I tried it years later, (watching it with my girl) and I was hooked. There are occasions though, when I just need to hit the stop button, because there are just too many words all at once. It’s very fast paced, and I can go into overloaded.

      lots of love xxx


      1. I think that may be it. I’m not good at auditory processing. Am just now listening to Its Happening Again … oh my word! So beautiful! ❤ It is a candelit room in suburbia, at the secret nameless edge of Elsewhere, a room smoky with incence, a quietly wild place.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. oooooh….all of the lovely things! moons and teapots. perfection, itself.

    after an unseasonably warm week last week, the north wind doth blow and i finally broke down and put the heating on. i love a dark, rainy, morning…but yes, only when i don’t actually have to go out in it!

    i’ve never seen the Gilmore Girls either. girl-child and i may have to give it a go. we’re just finishing up Buffy the Vampire Slayer which was/is utter brilliance on so many different levels that you probably wouldn’t expect. it may very well just be a symptom of our innate geekery however. we’ll be going back to Doctor Who next.

    now i have to go and look up the musical loveliness….:)

    much love to you!! i hope you enjoyed your bath. i’m not a bath-taker, i don’t enjoy being pruny but baths always *sound* lovely when other people are having them. xoxoxoxo


    1. I wish our girl children could meet – truly because: apart from musical interests, there’s Buffy (we have been watching this and yes – utter brilliance. We have so loved this particular ride). And Dr Who – always. The entire household (including dog and cats) are avid watchers of the good Dr.
      The Gilmore Girls is an entirely different beast of course. Possibly the most “girly” thing Moon and I have ever embarked upon. I equate the GG to having a brownie and a cup of hot chocolate on a cold, windy day. It gave Moon and I some light-hearted warmth and camaraderie during some not-so-easy days and nights.

      I do think it’s telling that we are running our (very inefficient) heating at the same time that you’re firing yours up. It’s still Winter here, apparently. So much so that baths are now compulsory in this household to prevent a dreadful amount of water run-off. So odd. I’ve now dubbed this month “Moctober”, for hopefully obvious reasons. lots of lovexxx


  5. I only discovered GG this year and it has been a real blessing in my life. I think I am Lane 🙂 I think I was put off by the premise of the show when it first came out. It sounded insipid and lame. But then a few wonderfully strong and inspiring women who are lovers of books put me onto it this year, and I relate to almost every pop reference. In my old age, for some reason, it gives me hope that it’s ok to be me…it’s ok to feel hurt and to love and to get annoyed and to cherish the small things and to value female friendship and family. It is magnificent! FYI, 2 friends of mine were responsible for the Luke’s diner pop ups around the US recently 🙂


    1. I’m chuckling, because when the Moon-girl and I started watching GG a few years back, I said to her that Lane reminds me of you in so many ways – the love of music, the vivaciousness. Love her, (and you).
      And I felt just the same about the show when I first came across it, but I’m so glad to have discovered it…the snappy scripts and pop refs are a dream.
      And thsi, yesssss: “In my old age, for some reason, it gives me hope that it’s ok to be me…it’s ok to feel hurt and to love and to get annoyed and to cherish the small things and to value female friendship and family”.
      Oh so very yes : )

      I love that your friends did the Luke’s diner pop-ups! I’ve been a complete tragic, following the progress leading up to the new eps, and I find myself coveting one of those cups! Hilarious.

      It’s wonderful, hey? I could wax quite lyrical about the warmth and life-affirming nature of it all, but I shall spare you ; )
      Thanks for dropping in m’lovely, and much love to you xxxx


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