Friday Bits and Bobs.

Lily of the valley in my garden. The scent!


That pretty much sums up today on this here mountainside. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it looking so beautiful. Even though I adore a cold and misty landscape, everything has been frightfully damp lately. But now the sun is shining (with merciful mildness), and it actually feels like October (in Australia, anyway). The buds on my roses are all fat and gorgeous, preparing themselves for their first flush. And today is also a happy day, for I have received good news, and Plans are falling into place. Who’d have thunk it? But sometimes the planets do align…singular, I know.

It’s one of those days you want to hug tight against you, and savour. For there are Jonah days aplenty, aren’t there? So the days when good fortune shines brightly upon us, are pressed flower days.

I’ve been going like the clappers with work, and now I have so much of a socially inclined nature to catch up on: blogs, letter-writing, and visiting with friends in person.

But first, links for the weekend.

Merlin of the ingratiating slink.

There are only a few online courses that really catch my eye now. And Hillary Rain’s courses look like pure magic. But then, I suspect that’s because that woman is pure magic herself. She’s one of those people who when I see her being who she is in the world, and giving what she gives, I feel incredibly heartened. And inspired. Aside from her online courses, she also has some fab goodies in her shop. I mean, really? Love.

I love this post by Maria Popova on Brainpickings. On so many levels.

Three of my friends, in the space of a week, have each sent me this meme. Which makes me feel thoroughly chuffed, because that means they know me well ; )

Still one of my favourite films, ever, (and I never had any doubt it would withstand the test of time)…it’s the 10th anniversary of Pan’s Labyrinth, (and the artwork! *swoon*).

Definite bath goals. And to this, I do relate.

I’d like this pin very much. And I’d love to send some of these to women around the world, whom I adore.

And from The Guardian: Steve Reich – 10 of the best.

Thankyou, Michelle Obama.

I still want that gypsy wagon out in my garden, but in the mean time, there’s always gypsy decor ; ) There are tons of these gypsy-style curtains on Etsy, (although these ones have sold). But it would be super-easy to make some with a collection of vintage silk scarves; readily available in most op-shops.

I must away now, for it is fast approaching the cocktail hour, (and Merlin’s witching hour, but we shall not venture there). And there must be a bath of neroli, accompanied by wine; and then the donning of op-shopped silks and fripperies. For the evening is nothing short of magic, my friends.

Wishing you many sweet pleasures, and a happy weekend. xxx



6 thoughts on “Friday Bits and Bobs.

  1. sounds like everything’s coming up roses at the moment! and lily of the valley…my granny’s favorite flower. beautiful!

    i’d have one of those hillary rain shirts in a trice if she ever does an edition that that switches out tea for the coffee…or wine. wine would certainly do…

    interesting article on the value of anonymity. i know i’d rather remain out of the public view, and it has to impact a person’s freedom to think and create?

    ah, morticia…always something of a soul sister. and i liked that print with the insomniac lady and the cat on the rooftop. i can relate to that entirely. and the “strange women” pins—i’ve already got that on several lists. oh, yeah.

    michelle obama is always smart, classy, and articulate. and so right. do you know, we now have trump supporters seriously proposing the repeal of the 19th amendment, so that women no longer could vote?! if crazy were solar energy, we could power the world just now…

    those gypsy curtains…i’ve told myself for years now that i’m going to buy a bunch of op-shop scarves and make such a thing. hasn’t happened yet. but i do so love them…

    a neroli-scented bath with wine is my idea of heaven—followed by silken fripperies, perfection. enjoy!


    1. ohoh! With the Hillary Rain wares: scroll down further for the chai version! That’s the one I have my eye on ; )

      The Moon and I have always related to Wednesday Addams, (her) and Morticia (me). There’s just so much to adore with those two…

      That Michelle Obama speech brought me to tears. Such a genuine, powerful, human speech – best so far in that entire bizarre circus of a campaign.

      And I’ve been telling myself the same thing about making gypsy curtains. I wanted to do that about 8 years ago. I figured that if I posted this, it might actually be a kick in the behind for me to get going on that…because I think Rapunzel’s, being a funny, eccentric little place, is exactly the kind of home that would rock some gypsy curtains : ) xx


  2. oh! that pin!!! LOVE!!

    i adore Hillary Rain and her presence in the world….she’s one of the rare ones, that’s for sure. I was tempted by the Dear Artist course…

    i see she did a tea-themed shirt YAY! but i wish it was just plain old ‘tea’ rather than chai…because although i do love me a good chai, mostly it’s just tea for me. 🙂

    that Michelle Obama speech got me all choked up too — thank you for sharing it — it’s very timely, as we navigate some unpleasantness at the girl-child’s school regarding how some of the boys treat the girls in the class. shocking and disheartening to see how far we still have to go. ass-hats like Trump certainly aren’t helping.

    wishing you all of the marvelousness!! xoxoxox


    1. Ah yes, Mel – heartiily with you on Hillary Rain and her Dear Artist : )

      Sadly, there’s still so much work to be done regarding the treatment of girls and women, hey? And so much ground that is so easily lost if there’s complacency and unconsciousness. I do feel that schools often reveal some of the stress-fractures in our culture. One of the Moon-girl’s previous schools, (a Steiner school) was steeped in a pervasive, and at times downright ugly misogyny. There was a total lack of boundaries across the board there, though. “Boys will be boys” just doesn’t wash.

      I definitely think we would wear those pins well ; ) Much loveliness to you also! xx


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