Friday Bits and Bobs.


Hello there petals! I do hope you’re enjoying your Friday. I meant to stop in and do this a bit earlier, but I’ve been out and about; and then racing around organising last minute things for a milestone family birthday celebration that’s happening this weekend.

Of course, I’m sure you must be in complete suspense by now, waiting for my linkies…*snort*. It’s good that she has her hobbies ; )

It’s bloody freeeeezing here today!* For those of you enduring ongoing heat, I will happily hand you a large dollop of icy. If you care for some.

In fact, it’s big woolly socks-and-jumper weather. This evening I’m going to brew up a large pot of kale and white bean soup for dinner, and possibly some mulled wine. That’ll warm the blood and bones! And no doubt induce some cackles. Ye verily!

Now then. Linkies…

To be honest, the Aunts, and that house (!) are reasons enough, but here are ’17 Reasons We Still Want to Live in the Movie Practical Magic’

I’ve been meaning to post this link for a while now…

A couple of weeks ago the teaser trailer for the American Gods tv series was released. I watched it, and then promptly had kittens. Because I do so love the much-loved book of the same name, by Neil Gaiman; steeped as it is in mythologies of old gods in conflict with the new gods of our Age. Gaiman is apparently involved in the production process, so far as approving the scripts. Looks like a cracker. Um. Perhaps don’t watch if you’re a bit squeamish.

I recently discovered and began follow Lakin Easterling (readingraven) on the Instagrin. I’ve since discovered her website and her gorgeous writing. I don’t know her, personally, but I suspect she may be a kindred spirit.

As someone who has known anxiety a little too intimately at times, I do find these mocked-up magazine covers quite hilarious…

Although I’m not much of a shopper**, I do sometimes covet the pretties. I know the whole craze for all things lunar is kind of done to death, (like dream catchers, and bird skulls, and vintage rolling pins, Mel ; ), but…I do still love me some lunar bling. Like these goodies on etsy

This will be me when I’m an old lady. I’m getting in plenty of practise now.

Well, I’m off to make that mulled wine. I shall raise a glass to you, my friends, and wish you a fine and happy weekend. Toodle-oo, luvs. xx

*Canadians and dwellers of the Far Northern regions of the world: you have permission to laugh derisively at the big, soft Aussie, who describes 11 degrees celsius as “freeeeezing” (with 5 ‘e’s”, no less).

**In all honesty, my most recent purchase was a packet of shasta daisy seeds, and a big bag of horse poo. I confess to having uttered a small squeal of excitement about the horse poo. This elicited an expression of deep dismay on my appalled teenage daughter’s face. Even though I’m beyond hope, she did say to me, “I still love you, mum”.

6 thoughts on “Friday Bits and Bobs.

  1. happy friday to you!

    was thinking about “practical magic” the other day, because one of my yoga students said that i reminded her of both of the sisters in it sort of rolled into one…which i took as a great compliment! it’s such a good feels film. i’ve a hard time trusting the judgement of any woman who doesn’t like that one.

    i want to see “american gods”, but when i ran across the trailer a few weeks back i was a trifle worried about the graphic aspect. although i did (finally) steel myself to watch “crimson peak”, and had no ill effects (i.e., horrible nightmares, lingering ugly images in the brain) from it. none at all! so hopefully i can do this too.

    lakin easterling looks ever so intriguing. i loved the rumi title of her site…

    sharing the anxiety magazine covers with my daughter, who will howl with recognition.

    i will always be a sucker for anything starry or moony…i know the boho thing is done to death, but celestial adornments are just fundamental to my aesthetic. and those turquoise moons are divine.

    the old ladies are adorable. count me in!

    i’d happily take some of your icy coldness. happily. (98F/36C here today…) send all you like! enjoy your mulled wine, which is a lovely thing. we’ve been having a lot of very chilled dry rose chez moi…


    1. I love that you were compared to The Sisters! And even though I’ve never met you in person, it actually makes sense to me that you’d be a Gillian-Sally combo : ) I’ve always rather fancied myself as the Stockard Channing aunt, Frances, but a few people have said to me that I’m much more like Jet. Anyway, life goals – just like the old ladies dancing in the pic ; )

      Know exactly what you mean about Crimson Peak – I had been steeling myself for that one, but when I watched it, I was completely fine. And I do find most movie trailers quite overblown, and not reflective of the pace and emotional temperature of the actual film itself.
      Having said that, I had to bow out of watching American Horror Story, after giving that a go. Because although I like my darkness, (and Jessica Lange, and Kathy Bates), and I was prepared to deal with a certain amount of horror if the story was decent; there was such a nasty undercurrent about it all. A kind of callous contempt for all the characters, and a cynical lack of emotional investment (can’t quite put my finger on it), that it felt too off for me. Just my visceral, intuitive response. I know many who love that show.

      I’m now looking forward to the days when a chilled rose is just the thing…can’t believe I just said that. No doubt I shall rue those words when Summer arrives! xxx


  2. funny, i haven’t come across an excess of lunar-ness…or else, i’ve been too distracted by the howling wolf prints and abalone shells….not to mention the free-range, pastured, smudge-sticks. :O

    seriously, though..luvverly sparkly bits. i’m a trifle fond of all-things-lunar so can very much appreciate your wantsies.

    i’m terribly squeamish in my old age…i’m not sure i could manage even the trailer…seeing as how you just warned me. which is too bad, because you know i love me some Neil.

    and YES!! my eyes rolled alarmingly at your perishingly cold temperatures….*grin* but i’ll happily take that teeth-chattering 11 degrees and give you our 40C humidity. which probably classifies as a brisk spring day in your ‘hood. it’s all relative, yes? but seriously – so DONE with summer temperatures. although at least it’s raining just now.

    ah, the joy of horse poo. shall i make you exceedingly jealous and tell you i get bags and bags of it FREE!!!??!! well, i have to shovel it myself…twice, if you think of it…first out of the stable and then once the manure-spreader man has come and taken away the Giant Pile and left us with a pyramid of black gold – twice a year, spring and autumn. but, oh MY — it does make me come over all giddy with delight. 🙂



    1. “howling wolf prints and abalone shells….not to mention the free-range, pastured, smudge-sticks. :O”. You just made me snort my tea.

      Maybe it’s just me that’s saturated in lunar obsession. For I am quite obsessed ; )

      And I am quite a ball of envy at your infinite supply of horse poo! I thought my $2 bags were exciting, but then I just visualised your Great Pyramid of Poo, and I actually went “ooooh! Lovely!”. Might keep that between ourselves ; )

      Oh! And I took your recommendation regarding Wisteria and Sunshine very much to heart…I had been contemplating it for a while now. So your chatting about it over in your queendom seemed like yet another Sign and Omen to me : ) xxx


  3. Heloooo! Thank you for the follow :-). I see you know my friend Mel :-). LOVE the old ladies. Especially the ones in the tree. That is me in a few years fit sure. Also loved the moon phase wall hanger. Tempting… We’ve been star gazing here all week, passing through a midnight meteor shower.


    1. Hello CT! So lovely to see you here, thanks for stopping by : ) I’ve heard about that meteor shower up your way – sounds quite sublime! I look forward to reading you, and saying hello over at yours. Warm wishes to you. x


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