Friday Bits and Bobs.

A suncatcher, but without the sun.

The shift into calm and silence after a week of extreme pressure. It arrived this morning with cold rain, sleeping cats, and a house to myself.

Deadlines – they are magical, untamed beasts. And there are days when the path of freedom we’ve chosen here at Rapunzel’s can also mean restriction. But it’s the path we’ve chosen with our whole hearts – the path of desire and dreams, the hunger for ideas, music, and beauty.

Creating, making, loving can fill you up, but I’d never claim that it’s a cure for a hungry belly. I’m among the fortunate, and I always try to remember that.

Everything has a price. For us here, there are impacts on our material existence. Because things can get squeeze-y; but that pressure bears good diamond-fruit, sometimes. There’s also the experience when you’re at a dinner party with people your own age, and you realise that none of you are real Grown Ups in Sensible Jobs.

Somehow, we’re all making these ragged little dreams work for us. And the people and things and places I’ve left behind, in order to be true to my sense of self, led me home to a million other riches. To hearts that are enamoured with starry skies, and a moonlit mountain; rather than office politics and Career Moves. We buoy one another. And it is so needed. Time and again I’ve seen and felt the proof of the idea that we are a reflection of who and with what we surround ourselves.

Of course, I can say all this after the storm, after drinking hot tea, and doing some catching up on some much-needed sleep : )

And so, the linkies…

Agnes Obel is about to release her new album. I’ve been streaming the single ‘Familiar’, (available on Obel’s website), quite, quite loudly on my headphones, (a bad habit – don’t try this at home). But, cellos.

The latest issue of Earthlines Magazine looks beautiful. And includes an offering from Sarah. Such richness.

Speaking of reading, I’ve been devouring Neil Gaiman’s latest offering The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction. It’s really quite wonderful. So too is Annie Dillard’s book of essays, The Abundance.

I think Scottish people are the best swearers. Ever. So if you haven’t caught these rude tweets yet, then here they are made even better by David Tennant. Who I now more than just simply fancy. J’adore. If you don’t like sweary things, though, I wouldn’t click on this link.

There’s been a lot of references to neoliberalism of late, (funny, that). And a lot of people have been asking what it actually is – how to define it, and what this vague, benign-sounding term really means. Because benign it’s not. It’s pretty bloody cut-throat and medieval, really. George Monbiot elegantly discusses neoliberalism here in The Guardian. It’s a fairly long article, but not arduous in the least.

And following tomorrow’s federal election, here in Australia, I may be in need of a Lady Reviver. Heaven forbid.

Anyway, it looks like it will be a close call, whatever the outcome. Wish us luck, hey? And may there be dragons.

Wishing you a glorious weekend, luvs. xx

4 thoughts on “Friday Bits and Bobs.

  1. i love to hear about people who have found others of like mind to live amongst. i don’t claim to be a real grown up with a sensible job, either, which is why it’s so heart-warming when i learn that this works for others. i’m in a “squeezy” phase myself at the moment…

    neo-liberalism is scary. and i’ll stop there…

    vis-a-vis rude trump tweets…i made up a game in which one prints each single word, and notes its part of speech (noun, adjective, etc) of a scottish trump tweet insult on index cards–one word per card—they are wonderfully modular… people draw three cards randomly and read them out as a new complete insult. if you get all adjectives, you have to take a sip of your drink and trade a card in. if anyone laughs so hard that other players nearly spit their drinks out, the reader of that insult wins a bottle of wine.

    much luck—and dragons—to you! (hopefully no ‘lady reviver’ will be needed.) RAWR!


    1. I want that game! It could get beautifully messy ; )

      The Lady Reviver wasn’t necessary, but there were many eye-rolls as a result of this past weekend. We have a hung parliament. Ffs, Australia. So we’ll (probably) have to go through another election. Bah. We need to call in the dragons. xx


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