Friday Bits and Bobs.


There’s a scent of snow in the air today. I went out into the garden early this morning, and it was sharp, and mixed with the sweet, aching aroma of jonquils and violets.

And according to the Weather Gods at BOM,* we may get some actual snow here on top of the mountain this weekend. Rapunzel’s may be a smidgen too far down to get any, but hopefully just a little way up from here, there might be some midwinter magic.

So, with hot choccies in our mitts, we’ll be burrowing deeply in our hobbit-cave, and peering out the windows of the cottage, to gaze at the snow-skies. It’s a day/night for open fires, warm, smoky jazz, and a pile of reading. The Moon-girl wants a Harry Potter marathon these hols, and the weather is a definite inducement.

Before that reward, however, I must get through a pile o’ work.

But first. The linkies…

I adore tiny houses, and my absolute dream would be a vardo-style wagon. This gorgeous soul has built her own wee dream here. As an aside, the presenter of this show bears an uncanny and distracting resemblance to my youngest brother, both in looks and demeanour. Anyway, one day, I really want to build something like this in my garden.

This poem, ‘Good Bones’, by Maggie Smith, (not the actor of the same name).

Not usually one for romances, but this film – Me Before You – looks charming. And these Winter school hols, we’re definitely going to catch The BFG on the big screen.

Lila Downs, Y La Misteriosa En Paris (live)…infectious, vibrant, joyous. Love.

And strictly for cat tragics like myself, the wonderful Aleister “The Bat” Von Teese (Dita Von Teese’s Devonshire Rex cat) on Instagram.

Wishing you a brilliant weekend! xx





*Bureau of Meterology.

4 thoughts on “Friday Bits and Bobs.

  1. Snow. How magical! I just want to advise to you read up about Me Before You before you watch it. I was looking forward to the movie but after doing some reading about the plot – the book and the movie – will not be going. But that’s just me 🙂 You may love it.

    I said it elsewhere but shall happily repeat it here, I love your new ‘do.

    Happy weekend!


    1. Thanks for the tip re the film, Sarah. I had no idea. Initially, watching the trailer I viewed it through the lens of class, and in that context, I do find it compelling. In fact, that’s possibly interesting in itself – where our focus as individuals is centred.
      But, having read around some of the reviews, (The Guardian – spoiler alert! gah!) I can understand your reservations. It ends so differently to how I imagined it would, and therein lies the rub. Still, now I’m more determined to watch it, because analytical brain has already kicked in ; ) But, probably on dvd.

      Thankyou for your lovely words re my ‘do : ) And a very happy weekend to you also! xx


  2. i still cannot quite wrap my head about the idea of snow and the scent of jonquils and violets going together, but…they are all good and wondrous things, so enjoy!

    i long for a vardo/caravan/gypsy-esque retreat of my own…this video is pure catnip for me. and your brother, who looks like the presenter…is he single, dear? (just kidding!)

    oh, oh, that poem. hits home, that does. “i am trying to sell them the world”…”you could make this place beautiful”…all the while knowing so much that makes that so hard.

    ah, llila downs. so beautiful. need to revisit her stuff.

    those films look most enticing. if you didn’t do these links, i swear i’d never know there was anything in the cinemas worth venturing out for, so thank you!

    aleister is a hoot. not at all surprised that his human is dita von teese, somehow. she’s a hoot, too. (and had a rather nice lingerie line last season.)

    wishing you a fine dusting of snow and warm, slow days by the fire.


  3. Love the concept of living in “just-enough-space”!!!!!!!!!!! Especially since we are stuck-forever in this too big 2 story family home. But I have come to grips with reality. Better that way…

    Enjoy your winter weekend!!! And I hope for a peaceful summer weekend.

    Gentle hugs,


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