Friday Bits and Bobs.


There’s a soft steady rain, and a deep quiet on the mountainside today. It hints at snow, somewhere further away in the Alpine places. We’re nearly at the Solstice, (on Monday), and by 4.30pm, the afternoons huddle inside the shadows of dusk.

It’s been a strange week, luvs. A little unsettling at times, but a week that has provided enough contrast between the There, and the Here, (as well as the Then and the Now), to stress to me that it was absolutely the right decision to move here, to this mountain sanctuary.

Friday is usually my playday, but today I have a lot to get through; so I’m going to work for at least a part of the day. I’m happy to do so, as I’m working on something moste diverting. And I can’t be out in the garden today, anyway. Which seems to be my current default in my spare hours.

However, it’s that time of the week. So without further ado, I present my little list of finds…

I found this TED talk deeply moving, in so many ways: ‘The Beauty of Being a Misfit’, by Lidia Yuknavitch.

Italian gothic fairytales, (but an English language film), sumptuously re-told in Tale of Talesfrom director Matteo Garrone.

I’d like to create a sacred stone circle, (just a small one) in my garden, a bit like this one. I’d like to plant a few trees that were sacred to my ancestors – for instance, rowan, birch, elder. I’d love to plant an oak – my favourite tree – but I simply don’t have the space for one. Did you know that oaks are “paramagnetic”, giving them an energising, “yang” energy? I love spending time with oak trees. They have powerful medicinal qualities.

Speaking of sacred trees and healing, I’ve been exploring  A Druid’s Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine, a book by Ellen Evert Hopman.

In The Guardian, an interview with Patti Smith.

Warmest wishes to you for the weekend, and a Happy Winter/Summer Solstice for Monday. xx

7 thoughts on “Friday Bits and Bobs.

  1. ohhh, richness!

    oak lore…topical, as somehow your links always are for me. was just discussing oak medicine, folklore, natural history recently. and do that little stone circle, by all means. i have a great love for the stone people. and they love to be placed about the tree people. (do i sound daft? perhaps i do…but i mean it quite simply and truthfully.)

    i’ve been longing for that “tale of tales”…hoping that the hubby will ‘acquire’ it soon.

    saving the TED talk for tomorrow as it’s getting late here. thank you for the links!

    wishing you a beautiful solstice…from me in summer to you in winter. funny old world…


  2. Oak Trees!!!

    On my, you have set me off again, on my (now old) tale of the cutting down of a very old Oak, one of the 3 oldest in our city…. Cut down, on the next lot, by the new owner… To have a driveway there….

    It still hurts, to write this!

    And I said then, I would not want to be those, who cut it down.

    And……. (I love karma)… This owner, has not had a lick of luck since, with this property!!!!!!!!!!! She can’t even sell it, as she decided she wanted to do!!! Can’t sell it to a developer, and get it off her hands!!!!

    Isn’t that the most delicious thing???????????? *Evil cackle* Yes!!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!!

    (“She is off with the faeries…”)


  3. And our Summer Solstice and the Full Moon, will both be this Monday.

    And…. It would seem, both world wide, and in my tiny little spot, the Lady Moon is being a Bitchy Beastie, this month!!!! ,-)))) Oh my yes!!!!! I am on high guard!!! ‘Cause She has “her panties in a twist”, this time around. ,-)

    Are you finding this so?

    I am!!!!! Oh I am!!!

    And I have my husband on high guard tooooo! Yes, he believes me. Over the years, he has learned, to believe me. :-))))))

    So, I figure, the best plan for me, is…………”To be off with the faeries!”


    1. Oh no, Tessa! I hope things get smoother as the energy subsides.

      I think the full moon is in Sagittarius, and I’m finding this one incredible on so many levels. I’m having a streak of calling out bullshit, and standing in my truth. As well as generally feeling good. But then, having a Sagittarius ascendant in the final degrees of Sag perhaps makes me feel as though I’m riding a particularly excellent lunar wave.

      Happy Solstice to you, enjoy your northern sunshine…and the faeries ; ) xx


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