Friday Bits and Bobs.

Wintry sky. And it’s every bit as cold as that sky looks.

It’s been quite a week, luvs. Yesterday we managed to re-home Violet the Affable, thanks to a good-hearted friend sweeping in to save the day. Said friend took a rather indignant (to be placed in a box) Violet to live with her and her family; which includes an eccentric chook named Autumn, (she peers in windows, no less). No doubt the new comedy duo will provide some diverting moments, and hopefully some eggs too. I miss Violet terribly already, but know it’s the best place for her to be.

I seem to be burbling an awful lot at the moment between schools and uni departments, whilst trying to spend as much time as possible in my wintry garden. But today, being a playday, I get to faff around to my heart’s content.

But without further ado, ‘ere be the linkies…

A quiz for fun: I’m an Echinacea-Ginger-Passionflower (caring, friendly, and a bit of an idealist). What’s you plant personality?

I hyperventilated over this one…currently in development is “Shazam” for plants. It’s an app that will identify (just about) any plant from a picture.

Etsy store, The Muddy Raven, is currently on a break at the moment, trying to catch up on custom orders. But I can’t wait for her to reopen, because look at her wares

This pretty much sums up my relationship with Merlin.

A lovely and comprehensive article by Lindsay Kluge – ‘Creating an Herbal Apothecary at Home’.

Eventually, (um, very), the Bloke and I want to extend our home upwards. We’d like a master bedroom upstairs, and instead of an ensuite bathroom, we’d like a library, (because books). And in a corner of the library, I’d like a tarot nook. Because wouldn’t your very own tarot nook/room be a swell thing?

Well, I’m off to faff about in the garden, and have a go at making a herb spiral. Have yourself a superb weekend, won’t you? Cheerio for now. xx

10 thoughts on “Friday Bits and Bobs.

  1. i love the cat drawing. the plant quiz got me perfectly opposite to how i actually am! pretty design though. and yes a tarot nook would be wonderful, although i also like using them on the dining table, bed, floor, lap while out and about, grass, etc. hugs regarding violet, you made a good and kind choice.


    1. That’s a point, Sarah – tarot reading is a moveable feast. I think a tarot nook would be a place for me to just go and feel (more) witchy : )
      Thankyou for your words re Violet. It feels like the right choice. xx


  2. I’m EGS… (Eggs??? -grin-)

    Echinacea….. Ginger…..Slippery Elm

    LOL… Love that Slippery Elm!

    Married to a pharmacist, I know Echinacea is medicinal, even in the “new” medicine. 🙂

    Have to continue to look at all of my 3.

    Hugs, Tessa


  3. hurrah for faffing about! it’s greatly under-rated. especially when it results in lovely links for me to wander down…

    i took that plant quiz—i’m echinacea/nettle/passionflower. i expect the nettle can be high at times…

    love the cat picture. very familiar (hahaha, familiar) to me as well. my dear feline is in disgrace at the moment, though; she licked my buttered crumpet this morning before i even got a bite. i caught her just as she was starting to do it…little git.

    etsy is from the devil. i know, because of its effect on my bank account…and now there’s another tempting shop to add to my favorites list. because, cunning little lidded pots with ravens and such, which would actually be really useful—see, the rationalization begins…

    i love the idea of shazam for plant identification. pure brilliance, that.

    i pinned that tarot nook, and drooled over it. my own isn’t bad, actually, but those curtains! and a half-round table! we WANTS it, precious…

    holy synchrony, woman! i was just thinking yesterday that it would be nice to have a decent article listing the main things for a herbal materia medica at home, and looky what appears in your links. that just saved me who knows how long with a stack of my herbals, and internet rabbiting.

    hope your herb spiral turns out—i’ll enjoy your gardening vicariously from my own yard, aka ye zone of plante death…happy weekend!


    1. I’m thinking your feline should meet with mine. They’d have a lot in common. On second thoughts, best not. They may hatch Evil Plans.

      Speaking of hatching plans, I’m definitely going to create a tarot nook as soon as I evacuate one of our excess couches. Which we have to in order to make way for a woodburner. I see me going a bit baroque on that one!

      And happy that the herbal apothecary article is pleasing to you. I thought it was really well-organised and helpful.

      Herb spiral is complete! I will chat about that anon : ) xx


  4. oh my word! mugs with ravens on!! *grabby hands*

    I’m Chamomile Fennel Nettle….which seems rather accurate. 😉

    and the plant id app is a brilliant idea!

    i desperately need to tend to the innards of our abode this weekend….but i’d much rather tend to the garden. i must be firm, however. truly. i’ll do my very best.

    happy times with the herb spiral! how brilliant to be able to garden in winter . xoxo


    1. Ahhh yes, I could happily get into trouble with those ravens.

      Relate to needing to attend to the inner domestickals. The floor of my place gets really mucky throughout the colder months. I can no longer avert my eyes from all the muddy pawprints.

      Its actually easier to garden in Winter here than Summer. Although it’s mostly me attending to structural chores. Building and pruning and moving things around (in circles). Quite pleasant though, unlike fecking Summer. xx


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