Friday Bits and Bobs, (on a Saturday).

Misty morning on the mountaintop. Winter has arrived.

Hello luvs, I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. I’m sitting in the gloaming, surrounded by books, candles, cats, and an affectionate dog. Winter has cometh to this mountainside, so that’s the best excuse to stay indoors and read.

I wrote this ahead of time, and then amidst all my deadlines et al, I forgot to post. So, here on a whim, are some linkies for your weekend…

This brilliant Kickstarter campain: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls – 100 Tales to Dream BIG. “A children’s book that reinvents fairy tales, inspiring girls with the stories of 100 great women from Elizabeth I to Serena Williams”.

Jessica Jones has me completely hooked. Beautifully acted modern day Gumshoe Noir, where the super-hero is more anti-hero, and a woman as well. More of a well-paced psychological thriller than the trailer’s violence would suggest. Also, David Tennant.

‘In Search of a Simpler Life’, I could have written this myself. Except, um, I didn’t. And Anna Lovind writes about this so beautifully.

The Goblin Fruit Winter edition. And I do like this poem, ‘Village Woman’, by Sara Norja.

On my to-read list: The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, by Katherine Howe; and The Seance, by John Harwood.

Wishing you the happiest of weekends! xx

16 thoughts on “Friday Bits and Bobs, (on a Saturday).

  1. David Tennant. What more needs be said, really? Lovely linkies, as always. Here’s where I’m a bit envious of your winter….we skipped spring altogether and went straight into high summer. Which would be fine except for the obscene heat and humidity, not to mention the desperate lack of rain. Climate change what? *sigh* xoxo


    1. We seemed to have skipped a sizeable chunk of Autumn here, Mel. And now we’re plunged into Winter. Climate change, oui. Also, La Nina has arrived. She is moste welcome in these parts.
      And yes, David Tennant indeed ; ) xx


  2. Winter….. Your winter sounds very different from my winter though…. You have flowers blooming. ‘Twould not be so, here, in our November.

    And your reading sounds delicious for your time of year.

    Btw, I’m doing a “bitchy post.” But I say in it, that I am not referring to YOU.

    I know, I know. How crazy is that? well, if you read it, when I post it., maybe it will make more sense to you.

    But _really_, I am not referring to your posts, on having more words in our posting. Not! Someone else ticked me off big time!!! Big Time, Babe! LOL Annnnnnd…… I ……. kinda’ blew. >,-)))))

    Is Mercury in retrograde or something?????!!!???? Because I am spoiling for a fight! LOL.

    Please send me some cooling effects….. I need ’em. >,-))))))



    1. You are funny, Tessa. I had a giggle reading this. And Mercury, I believe, is no longer retrograde, but you are on fire, Tessa : )

      I believe your Spring may resemble my Winter. We never get really, really cold. The earth never quite sleeps as deeply. It just turns the volume down. Sometimes I wish it would deeply slumber. There is nothing quite like the miraculous rebirth that occurs in Northern climes. xx


    1. Thanks Nicole. I think I will be forever tweaking, and plan to go to a premium site at some point. In the mean time, I’m issuing an apology for all the pesky ads that are appearing. xx


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