Friday Bits and Bobs.

Good morning-or-possibly-evening to you friends!

It’s been a busy week indeed, but there are tasks and chores gathering dust, emails that need answering, as well as the pleasures of visiting friends, and all the fun things I’m just not managing to do right now. It’s certainly not through a lack of enthusiasm. Simply, my pilot light is burning low.

I’ve been struggling with my health and energy levels of late; grappling with a bone-deep exhaustion that won’t budge. And I’ve been stubborn about admitting to myself, and to others, just how much I’m struggling.

I do miss connecting here, and visiting others in their virtual homes. In the spirit of connection though, I offer you some Friday linkies…

The film, Loving Vincent, looks extraordinary. Here’s the trailer.

Litttle Bits, Historical Apothecary on Etsy. With a passion for history and costume, Litttle Bits reproduce exact historical recipes for cosmetics and healing salves using organic, plant-based ingredients. I love the 18th Century cosmetics. I love it all.

This young New Zealand woman was 18 when she built this beautiful tiny house.

Real Witches See Possibilities, by Asia of One Willow Apothecaries.

New Order’s “Blue Monday” played with 1930’s instruments, by Orkestra Obsolete.

May you walk in beauty, and I hope your weekend is merry and kind. xx

7 thoughts on “Friday Bits and Bobs.

  1. Your body is trying to tell you something. Which of course, you know.

    Please……. Listen to it……. Let it lead you, to how it wants you to heal. Please…..

    Gentle hugs,


  2. And “dare” I add…? 🙂 I would go to a regular doctor, and have a complete blood test.

    But this may not be you. Don’t know.

    All I know is, please don’t let this continue. A bone-deep exhaustion, sounds like a scream for something….. Not like a simple tap on the shoulder.

    Gentle hugs,


  3. can’t wait to peruse all the enticing goodies in that historical apothecary on etsy—it looks wonderful.

    i really enjoyed the “reall witches see possibilities” piece. i needed to hear something like that just now. it’s easy to forget in our grief at what is passing away that nature always has something else to take its place. that impermanence IS life. that everything continues in some form or other. staying open to possibilities is indeed magical, and in alignment with all that is. sometimes i forget…

    isn’t that “blue monday” cover beautiful? i stumbled across that recently and i so want to see what else the band has done. love the sound of those older instruments.

    i do hope that you feel better soon. it takes time to heal exhaustion, whatever the causes. if it’s adrenals, especially…take good care of yourself!

    have a wonderful—and hopefully relaxing—weekend!


  4. Only you know what your body is doing but I respectfully second the vote for blood tests. I was horribly low in ferritin when I felt that way, but I am not you : ). I hope you feel stronger soon. Season change is an unsettling time eh? And thank you for the piece by Asia – so wonderful. I had to share it elsewhere. xx


  5. I do hope you feel better soon. Blood tests are a good thing. My thyroid went crazy on me a few years ago. So, exhaustion I understand. I also hear so many people talking about low iron lately. Not sure what’s going on with all that. Thanks for the links. I always enjoy them.


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