Friday Bits and Bobs.

And Merlin points the way towards wickedness.

This morning, the light is skimming across the leaves of the giant gums, and the day is on the jump. The world beyond is full of movement, and I shall soon be out there amongst it all. So as I shoot past on my broom, here are the linkies…

If you like the idea of a folkloric, post-apocalyptic novel, reminiscent of Angela Carter, then check out Tatterdemalion, by Sylvia Linsteadt and Rima Staines. It’s an exquisite, soulful project, so worth supporting. I have no doubt that the final result will be breathtaking and memorable.

Another exciting project seeking crowdfunding, (through Kickstarter) is this one by filmaker Arwen Curry. She’s making a documentary about the sublime Ursula Le Guin. There are not only interviews with the fantasy writer, but the film also explores the “spectacular real-life places that inspired her fantastical worlds”.

Mary Shelley’s handwritten manuscripts  of Frankenstein.

The number of jobs I’ve had over the years wherein I’ve wished I had a ‘F*** Off Fund’. Can we please encourage young women to create such a fund? Forget the fancy cars, phones, and clothes. Economic empowerment equals freedom of choice to get out of bad situations, (whether that be jobs or relationships), on our own terms.

What an excellent idea. Do you have a growlery?

The “situations wanted” post in The Times in 1939 is heartbreaking, and still relevant today.

And for some sweetness and light, a recipe on The Local Rose for Divine Love Truffles.


Wishing you the best and brightest of weekend m’dears! xx

6 thoughts on “Friday Bits and Bobs.

  1. i am all agog for “tatterdemalion”, ever since i read about it on the writer’s and artist’s blogs. i have admired rima staines’ artwork for years, and from following sylvia linsteadt’s blog i think i will find the stories she pulled out of rima’s pictures and her own wise heart/head enchanting…

    a documentary about ursula le guin?! yes, please. she is one of my tippy-top favorite authors of all time. can’t. wait.

    FOF for all young women. AWESOME idea. it won’t stop us screwing up, but it might well make unscrewing a great deal more doable…i’m trying to encourage my daughter to make choices that will tend to preserve her independence. without saying too much to her, or discouraging her about life, relationships, etc…and without explicitly pointing to certain of my own mistakes, which unavoidably would include her father (i use the term loosely) and my experiences in marriage, and all sorts of things a child should not hear about one parent from the other. the eff-off fund would be a wonderful thing for her to have in her vest pocket. because, life.

    i do have a growlery. well, it’s a sort of study, technically; which was probably intended by the builder of the house as the “nursery” (i.e., it’s TINY. bijoux is a kind word for what it is.) but i recently got it back after TWO AND A HALF YEARS of it being the catch-all space whilst the upstairs rooms were theoretically getting new floors. (*takes deep breath*) so i’m a very happy camper indeed because i’ve got back my “retreating room”, with an actual desk for my laptop and/or artwork, and my art supplies have been unearthed and newly stored accessibly, and the luggage and gift wrapping stuff is in the closet–no more crawling under the guest room bed–and i have back my reading chaise by the window, and my little tea table, and my pictures and treasures, and all my woo stuff, and, and, oh holy mother, an actual floor. i was in it all afternoon yesterday coloring rim’s “wayfarer’s year” calendar, and i almost wept with joy.

    mmmm, those truffles. oh, hell yes.

    happy weekend!


    1. I too am trying to encourage my daughter, who does fiercely value her independence, (Aries moon…hehe), and may well need an eff-off fund in order to support her anti-authoritarian spirit. And since I read that article above, I thought of it also in regards of creative independence. The freedom to go and make music, write, paint, travel, or whatever for 6 months or so if needed. In fact, I actually know a number of people who live like this year in year out: working 6 months of the year, saving all their pennies, and then just wandering, and creating for the the other 6 months.
      Yes, an eff-off fund covers a lot of bases doesn’t it?

      Your growlery/bijoux of your own sounds like heaven. And well-earned too – to have waited that long! A reading chaise, and tea table – just the ticket. The Wayfarer’s year is such a stunning creation isn’t it? I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while now, even though my seasons are all in reverse to that calendar’s…but oh the beauty!
      Enjoy your delicious wee creative space : ) xxx


  2. You do find the most amazing links.

    Sorry that you have to venture out. But I was wondering when this would begin again, for you.

    The Wheel Of The Year turns. Whatever we might prefer.

    (And oh that Merlin!!!)

    Gentle hugs,


    1. Oh I don’t mind venturing out too much, Tessa : ) I’ve had a dose of quiet, and am ready to be out in the world a little more.

      You can have Merlin, if you like. He’s driving me to distraction today ; ) xxx


  3. The f… off fund. Wow. I immediately sent that link to my niece. I no longer feel guilty for the four digit balance in my account. Money i’ve stashed since i’ve been working.


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