Summer’s End. And Other Things.


Well, almost the end of Summer. I do get ahead of myself.

But I swear that it’s Autumn today! The light is old, and the shadows are stretched longer as the earth leans ever so slightly away from the sun. The sky, in parts, is almost lapis blue, and the air has an Antarctic nip from the south, and I’m wearing my favourite drapey cardie. How I’ve missed cardigan weather! We’ll be in for some wretched heat soon, I have no doubt, (February is a stinky month); but with this first day of the month, I’m really quite chuffed.

The last few days we’ve had ish-ewes with our interwebs, and even opening an email has been an impossible task. This morning with all the schools going back it’s more congested than ever. But here goes a quick post…

And speaking of back-to-school, it’s the end of the Summer hols. It’s been quite a whirl preparing for this school year. I always love the buzz that accompanies a return to these rhythms;  and the hurtling towards the dark, mist-shrouded months. The Moon girl virtually leapt out of bed early this morning, (quite rare), and was beside herself with the excitement of seeing her friends again, and a new year playing a new instrument; as well as the inclusion of Drama on her school timetable.

The Moon-girl has managed to grow taller than me this Summer, (erm, not hard). And I watched this fey, long limbed creature, with her wild curls (they call her Hermione at school), and with a grin as wide as the sea, leap down the garden steps at crazy miles per hour. I couldn’t help but be a little amazed. At her, at time passing, and everything that’s to come.

And the house feels slightly empty today. The Bloke and I are working from home, and we’re rattling around like crumbs in an empty biscuit tin.

But there are projects to tackle, and ideas to be spun into words, if not gold.  And also goodies to look forward to…have you seen these wonderful period film lists curated by Willow and Thatch? Yum.

And for a while now, I’ve had a hankering to write letters. By hand. There’s nothing like sitting down on a rainy Sunday, with a pot o’brew, and writing letters by candlelight. There’s a sense of standing outside of time and technology. So, if anyone is up for a having a penpal from the Misty Mountains, I’d be very happy to swap missives with thee. Not in a big obligational kind of a way. Just whenever the mood strikes. If you’re feeling inclined, have a chat with me:

Happy Monday to you, friends. xx




10 thoughts on “Summer’s End. And Other Things.

  1. sounds like the season’s changing has you casting about…that is certainly true for me, although it’s a different change here. i just celebrated imbolc with friends—candle-lit yoga followed by wine and comestibles featuring sheep milk cheeses. we still have about a foot of snow on the ground despite a sunny and insanely warm (58 F) day…and although we all know that, barring any global warming changes/el nino fluctuations, the snowiest (hopefully) weather lies ahead yet, still there is something atavistically pleasing about many candle flames flickering against a backdrop of interior dark and exterior white. and a sense of *revving up* in some undefined way. this is the time when i begin to think of things like “spring cleaning” and “resolutions”, far more so than at the calendar new year. and funnily enough, for the past few days i have been thinking with a certain nostalgia of actual paper-based correspondence, old school letter writing, and wondering if anyone out there in the world still did such things…


    1. Happy belated Imbolc to you! It just hasn’t felt very Lughnasadh-ish here at all. In fact, of all the festivals, I find it resonates least with me in this burnt land. You conjure such delicious scenes of your celebration; and being in and of that season. Candle-lit yoga followed by wine and yummies…that’s actually my idea of bliss, (and perfect balance! heheh)

      And yes, I’m actually becoming more old school than ever…if that’s possible ; ) xx


  2. Hi Antoinette, I discovered your corner of the webosphere via Sarah at Knitting the Wind. Here I am on the South Coast of WA and it is positively Winter here, I’ve been wearing ugg boots and gloves inside the house today! I’m not complaining, I did move south to escape Perth’s diabolical summers, but it’s quite odd to be THIS cold in February.

    There must be something in the air, I’ve had a hankering for ‘real’ letter writing too, I’ve become quite fed-up with the whole electronic communication thing, after all, who is going to pull out an old text and fondly reread it 50 years later (even supposing technology hadn’t changed so much as to make it impossible)? So last week I wrote my brother a little letter (because he lives in Melbourne and I don’t get to see him very often), and popped a stamp that was lying around in my other half’s office on it, and blithely dropped it into the post office in town. Which is where my other half received it back, 2 days later, because it had insufficient postage stamps. When on earth did posting a one page letter go up from 60c to $1? No one informed me! I can see an argument for ‘letter pooling’. But it was lovely, really lovely, just to sit and write, pen to paper, for a half hour or so totally absorbed in the task and completely immune to the siren call of phone/facebook/email. It reminded me of how things used to be, when we weren’t all so ‘connected’ but somehow were more deeply in tune. Here’s to more of it!


    1. Hello and welcome Christina, so lovely of you to introduce yourself : )

      Perth does get fiercely hot, doesn’t it? I can well understand you moving further south – although that was an odd weather pattern we in the southern parts of this continent had…it felt almost snowy in Feb, (I had my ugg boots on too – all the way over here in Victoria).

      I giggled when you mentioned the cost of postage – I’ve had the exact same experience. Very recently I stood at the post office counter with letter in hand, exclaiming at the long-suffering man who worked there, “really? It costs that much to send a letter these days?”
      And I heartily agree – it is really lovely just to sit and write, pen to paper. It’s meditation for me, but the kind of meditation when it doesn’t matter that my mind is busy : ) xx


  3. You are such a sweetheart to share about the Period Films List with your readers; thanks you. I’ve just completed the Period Dramas Streaming on Netflix – Victorian Era list, which is a post on the main site. The Misty Mountains sound like a dream, please enjoy them for me, though we have a lovely day here too – New York feels like spring (mountains of melting snow) and the birds are delighted.


    1. Thankyou for stopping by. I just discovered your beautiful site through pinterest, and was thrilled to stumble upon you – I intend to have a proper explore. Your lists are just wonderful!
      And I suddenly had a nostalgic pang for Spring in New York, (it was that time of the year that I travelled there and fell in love with it all). xx


  4. “we’ve had ish-ewes “ Love that “ish-ewes”!!!! ,-)))))))

    Oh yes, count me in please. I will write an email, with my address. And hope you don’t have “ish-ewes” with finding it!!!!!! Real letters. It has been so long!

    And so happy that your moon-girl is so happy to go back to school. Oh sigh, that is just so lovely. Said by someone who had a rotten time of it, in junior high and most of high school. I think I can be more appreciative of her happiness, because of that. And think I remember that she didn’t have a great experience, in a former school….


    Gentle hugs,


  5. That’s fab Tessa! You’re on! I look forward to scratching out a missive to you : )

    And thankyou for your sweet words re the Moon-girl. It’s a big relief to us that she’s happy now, and accepted for who she is. She’s blossomed. xx


  6. *emerges, blinking, from the shadows of no-internet*

    funny about the letters – i feel the same way (one is en route to you as i type). – the state of no-internet has me full of Thinky Thoughts of a decidedly analogue nature…:)

    much love – and a brisk wind – to you! xoxo


  7. oooh yay! A letter! I adore your letters : )

    Every Sunday, (for practical rather than godly reasons it’s a Sunday), I’m trying to set aside the afternoon and evening so that I can follow more analogue rhythms. Time feels different somehow – stretched out, more langorous. And strangely perhaps, it also feel just a little bit rebellious. xxx


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