Moving to the Dark Side

Merlin. Upon his chaise lounge.

Well, hello there, and welcome!

For quite a while now, I’ve contemplated moving the old digs over to WordPress. But I confess I was terribly daunted. But, after a good many tears were shed (oh, I kid ye not), tufts of hair pulled, along with a few well-placed wails of despair and frustration, (they said it would be easy!), I’m now exceedingly flustered. But I’m also delighted to tell you that I jolly well made it over here. The whole process brought to mind Hal’s Moving Castle, as there was a lot of creaking, and groaning and lurching about, (mainly me). And I’m sure there are bits that have been broken off and lost in the move, but that’s moving, hey?

Actually, I have consigned a lot of my old archives to the blogger vaults. Simply because I didn’t feel like importing my old material over. Easier to have a fresh start, and all that. But never fear! Dark Side of the Broom endures!

I do feel as though I’m learning to blog-walk all over again, grappling with a new platform after eons with dear old Blogger. The luddite’s friend. I’m still trying to figure out how to add my newsletter, without losing my sanity in the process.

What’s changed here? Well, there will still be the usual rambling fare, with toe of frogg, and wool of bat. But as I lean more into the stories I’m creating, no doubt there will be some spillage from those tales onto these pages.

Merlin, my lusciously fiendish Familiar, is proving himself a moste wicked muse. And whilst I promise this will not be a cat blog, I have created a character in a novel based upon him, (so, an anti-hero then). I can’t wait to spill the beans, but not before I’ve written some more.

Cheerio for now loves. x


17 thoughts on “Moving to the Dark Side

  1. New banner! New blog home!!! But same gorgeous Merlin!!!

    WordPress eh? Well now, I think I have done some magic and WP now allows me to comment. Didn’t used to be able to do so. For silly reason, but…. I do believe I can now. And we shall see, when I attempt to publish this!

    Best of everything, here at your new digs!!!!!

    Lots of gentle hugs…


  2. I take it for granted, that you have comment moderation on. And that is why I don’t see my comment.

    Will come back tomorrow and see if it shows then.

    Good for comment moderation, of course!


      1. Hello Tessa : ) Thanks for stopping by, it’s lovely to see you here. And yes, for a wee while I did have comment moderation on, as I was still tinkering with the settings, (and possibly will be for some time to come!) Thanks for braving wordpress with me! ; ) xxx


  3. bully for you! i can only barely navigate blogger at the lowest level…

    merlin the muse, excellent. he will make a better character than many people i know. i cannot wait to hear more…spill the beans as soon as you are ready.

    i’ve been writing too. nothing as grand as stories, just my rubbishy poetry, but still. it soothes something savage in me. i’d love to read your own creations some fine day.

    i’ve been fighting the good fight in various closets of my house. less stuff, more organization. there is progress…i’m pretty sure this kind of domestic self-inflicted torment ought to negate previous bad karma, or cut short time in purgatory, or do *something* positive in whatever spiritual world view one may have. the sense of accomplishment i get is absurdly grand for the actual task. i look for reasons to put something away in the newly orderly closets, just so i can stand admiringly before the glory of it. yes, yes, i know; Life Path Issues…

    i thought of you the other day as i unwrapped a recent purchase of several old pharmacy canisters..labeled belladonna, nux vomica, and sanicula, with appropriate botanical images on each. they are just so endearingly witchy looking. i can’t decide whether to keep actual herbal remedy materials in them, or packets of tea, or charm-making supplies. they have a delightful vibe of cousin-ship to eye of newt and toe of frogge and wool of bat…perhaps i shall keep the flying ointment i have ordered in one, when it arrives! of course!


    1. I love that you’re writing poetry : ) Somehow I doubt that it’s rubbish too.

      Your organisational whirl has me very impressed indeed…sorting out cupboards, closets, and whatnot is deeply smug-making, and world-conquering. If only my grappling with wordpress resulted in such feelings. Instead, I feel that my brain broke a little bit.

      And, ohmygiddyaunt, I do LOVE the sound of those cannisters! Photo…maybe? And I love the idea of perhaps storing one’s tea in the belladonna tin. There is something deliciously wicked about that. xxx


  4. What a brave move. It is a big learning curve to use a different platform. I only know wordpress so blogger would throw me into a fit. I’ve got some changes I want to make to my site as well. Just need some dedicated time to sit and do it.


    1. Thankyou Nicole, I do feel a bit brave…(but also demented)…heheh. I’m always a bit dismayed by how much time this blog-tinkering can take up. I naively dive in, thinking it’ll take about an hour. Two days later I’m blinking in the light of day, and wondering how such an un-fancy result managed to take up that much of my time and sanity. Anyway…onwards and upwards : ) xxx


      1. This is actually kind of convenient for me. Now when you reply it shows up on my wordpress app on my tablet. Sweet! I like the visual of blinking in the light of day. I’ve been there. It can consume a lot of time. Yes…onwards and upwards.


  5. Oh i am glad to see you continuing to blog :-). (There was a post where it seemed you were pondering stopping, but perhaps I only misinterpreted!). Also! So glad the new space comes automatically from the old bookmark …


    1. Thankyou Ellie! And I’m very glad that it’s all working here, because it went a bit haywire there for a while. And I was terribly hot and grumpy and tired the other day, which made me consider stopping the blog altogether. But rearranging the blog furniture, (or shifting house completely), can be a tonic : ) xx


  6. Congratulations on the move! I have a fair idea of what you went through, as I attempted it myself a couple of months ago and gave up in complete abject failure. I’m impressed that all the links have exported seamlessly. And the place looks beautiful too. 🙂

    And now I will try to post this comment, although wordpress never likes me doing so and I may end up having to use my twitter account …


  7. ye gods!! however did i miss this?! stooopid Bloglovin has only just informed me you have a new post…and it’s actually your third……the horror!! I missed the moving-in party!!!

    glad to see you persevered — it’s worth it in the end, i find — being, ultimately, less time-consuming….once it’s set up, that is. The setting up…well, that’s a trial of herculean proportions…



    1. Thankee for stopping by m’lovely. Re bloglovin: I’m finding it a headache at the moment. I actually see what people mean when they say they’re fed up with all the advertising.

      Now that I’ve made the move, I find myself in complete awe of others who have done it, and made it all look much prettier than I managed. xx


  8. Hi! Just wanted to say “thank you”. I found your blog through bloglovin’ (yes, i realise this might not be entirely pleasant news) and have been reading it over the past few days. Suddenly I find myself at the beginning, with no more posts left, but with a warm and friendly feeling in my belly and a smile on my lips. I’m really not a big commenter, but I do love the space you’ve created here and the ideas and stories you share. And these things deserve to be mentioned, do they not?


    1. Hello Anne, and thankyou so much for your words.

      “Suddenly I find myself at the beginning, with no more posts left, but with a warm and friendly feeling in my belly and a smile on my lips”. I do believe that’s one of the loveliest things someone could ever say to me. You just made my day. Thankyou for reading : ) xx


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