Broom ready.


I’m about to head out in the pouring rain with a friend. But thought I’d drop in here for a moment…

It’s been a funny old week. A funny couple of weeks, if truth be told.

I feel as though I’ve been putting my foot in my mouth, (foot-in-mouth disease is a life-long affliction of mine) an awful lot lately. The words come out wrong, or I say too much. Or I’m just too intense. And then I’m left mortified, kicking myself. My interactions, everything I say, (and write for that matter), starts to be affected. It all sounds off-key. To my ears, anyway.

Maybe there’s just something in the ether at the moment that makes for some jarring moments. Maybe it’s based on some actual experiences I’ve been having lately.

Whatever. I always wished I was one of those souls who could remain centred, confident, and sure of themselves despite the slings and arrows. Not so sensitive to undercurrents, and shadows. To things unseen and unspoken. And always the feelings of others. Things I can’t possibly be responsible for.

Of course, I realise that plugging into all this only feeds this sense of vague, rising anxiety, and then it’s so easy to slip off-centre. At times like this, I tend to resort to my trusty cure for the an attack of the Wibbles, which is often to be found in simple ryhthms. I ground those flying monkeys, so to speak.

A bath, a bowl of soup, a jolly good sleep, yoga, meditation. Despite loving meditation, I admit I’m a woefully inconsistent meditator.

In fact, me meditating usually consists of the following…”oh! my parrot friends are here – I must see that they’ve enough seed…and the iris are about to bloom any day now. Those bastard snails are at my pansies again, *swear word*. Deadline! *swear word*. Oooh…avocado!”.

I don’t resist any of this mental dribble. I just let all roll across my mind like clouds in the sky. It still works.


But ownards…

Many of you are now gearing up for Autumn, (and its manifold cosy delights). As for my own part of the world, I now declare it about jolly time for some warmth and juiciness! Because enough is enough, dark and wily Winter! Thankyouverymuch.

It’s nearly October, but it still feels decidedly August-y, (as in, Winter)…even this chilly little heathen is ready for some sweet warmth, (and a lot less layers). I’m getting all itchy for a romp through a sunlit forest, to wear pretty Spring frocks, (how I miss Spring frocks). I want great bunches of sweet peas, and lilacs too, dripping their perfume all over the floor. And I’d loll about on my lawn amongst sweet clover, stretching my claws under a soft, warm moon.

My remedies are quite simple…

And then there’s that large pot of tea, and a catch up with a close friend.

A silly owl, and a Miggins photo bomb.

The PM:

Home again, having caught up with one of my favourite people in the world, we wandered a bit, and then sought tea in a cafe, settling ourselves before an open fire. We remained ensconced there until some adorable little children came in and sat at the table next to us.

I’m not even being sarcastic. They were so sweet, and quite delicious (I mean that in a very I’m-not-the-kind-of-witch-who-eats-children, way). The sight of them sitting with their grandparents warmed my heart no end. Until my friend and I noticed a great waft of something unmentionable (I think it was lollies, mixed with poo – as irreconcilable a combination as it was eyebrow curling). So we two aborted the second round of tea, and plunged (as subtly as one can plunge) outside into the chill mountain air.

Anyway, the catch-up was a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively. Even despite the Very Rude Man in the soap shop. And for some good and proper cobweb clearing, I managed to procure some dragon’s blood incense, and a sachet of ylang ylang mineral bath soak thingy. Since our water tank is close to overflowing from all of the mad La Nĩna rain we’ve been having, I treated myself to a bath this evening, soaking myself by the light of my favourite candle, (“midnight orchid”, by Ecoya).

I feel restored. Somewhat like an Old Master.

And this evening I completed a music compilation – a “soundtrack” (is that too cheesy?) for the book I’m writing, (do you write to music?). It’s been so much fun tweaking this one. And it’s filled with music that isn’t usually on my playlists. I may post it sometime.

Tomorrow is a (sport-related*) public holiday here, so I’m going to be gadding about with my loves, (including the dorje dog, who loves riding in the car with her silliest grin plastered all over her puppy face).

Just quickly though, a couple of things before I go…

Books I’m reading at the moment: The Essex Serpent, by Sarah Perry, Margaret Atwood’s On Writers and Writing, and The Mistress of the Art of Death, by Ariana Franklin. And please feel free to recommend or suggest any books that have captured your fancy of late. I’m always keen for ideas.

Speaking of books – I so very much want to read the forthcoming Scatterlings, by Martin Shaw, (many thanks to Jo for bringing that one to my attention). In fact, check out this post by Jo, which is filled with treasures. Including not only the Martin Shaw, but also Cerries Mooney’s Primary Archetype test. **

Best wishes, and have yourselves a lovely weekend. xxx




*Because, we are Australian, you know.

**My result surprised me, and it was actually spot-on. I signed up, and took the secondary archetype test, (I’m an Alchemist-Creator, btw). Mooney’s work is worth checking out. She’s got some valuable insights.