Friday Bits and Bobs.


Today is my self-imposed Day Off. And I can feel my equilibrium being at least partly restored as a result.

This morning, I went for a long, (and longed-for) walk, (in the absence of hail and other hazards). Although I missed my regular walking companion and lovely friend today, for she is brilliant company. But she was unable to accompany me this particular morning. Instead, stepping out alone, I allowed music and birdsong and magnolia blossoms to fill my senses.

My camellias are coming to an end now. They’ve certainly provided a goodly amount of cheer over the Winter months.

It certainly helped with the fug I’ve felt of late. In fact it has fugged right off, for now. And outside my window it is undeniably Spring. Wanton, seething, technicolour Spring. The combination of bright sunshine spliced with heavy rain on a daily basis means that there is a startling amount of growth happening. Measurable growth every day. Here we go!

But now…some linkies…

Why do old books smell so good? 

Speaking of books, have you come across The Guardian series, ‘books to give you hope’? I remember reading Marilynne Robinson’s beautiful book Gilead many years ago, and it having quite an impact upon my young heart and mind.

I love these kinds of lists: ’23 emotions people feel but can’t explain’.

Light pollution is one of those things I tend to ponder quite often, (I beg your forbearance). Because…well, there’s this essay on light pollution: ‘Fear of the light: why we need darkness’, by Amanda Petrusich.

I adore, (and covet), The Floral Fox Art by Amy Rose on Etsy.

Lactose has never been a friend of mine, and therefore icecream neither. But…vegan chai icecream, (recipe courtesy of The Minimalist Baker). Well, then. I’ll be subbing the cane sugar for coconut sugar, methinks.

Real Historical Witches’ Houses and Cottages, (I love Biddy Early’s cottage, and how brilliant is her name?!)


Well, I must away, for now. I wish you a very happy weekend, and many good things. xx